Hi, welcome to the Wyre Tidal Energy Group's website, here you can find all you need to know about our company and the Wyre Tidal Barrage Project.
Wyre Tidal Energy
has been established to promote and deliver the construction of a Tidal Barrage across the Wyre Estuary to produce renewable electricity, provide flood control for the river and regeneration for North Fylde.

would prefer to set the enterprise up as a CIC (Community Interest Company), Charitable Trust or other appropriate body, which would be set up and independently controlled by local community leaders. All surpluses would then be able to promote and finance local community benefit programmes. Though this is a not-for-profit project for the Directors, there remains the possibility that the scheme may have to be taken over by a commercial entity if public funding is not forthcoming.
WFE is managed by a group of local people who want to reverse the decline of the economy in the area caused by the demise of the fishing industry and the loss of the ICI works in order to create new opportunities and improve the prospects for those living in North Fylde.

How Long?
Delivery of the project will take up to 7 years from feasibility study to power generation and there are many hurdles to overcome. In order to do this WTE will be open and inclusive to draw in those people, public bodies and interest groups that can provide the knowledge and skills that we will need or that will be affected by the project.
This is a social enterprise
and our motivation is 100% altruistic and all those involved are unpaid. This project could be very profitable and the proceeds will go to provide a commercial return for the investors who will need to be involved with all the profits going back to the community.

Take a look
at the proposed barrage by clicking on the image below...