Public Sector Support

WTE’s motivation is to contribute to the regeneration of Fleetwood, Knott-end and Preesall by building an important and significant structure across the mouth of the River Wyre that will contribute to economic growth and regeneration for the area and provide renewable energy and flood control for the banks of the river.

WTE is altruistic and does not want any personal gain for those involved. The project is for the benefit of the local community. Commercial Funding will be required but corporate structures and arrangements will be put in place to funnel the income to Community Projects after the Investor’s Capital and Interest is repaid.

WTE will seek Public Sector support as part of the Funding required to enable local people and businesses to own part of the structure and to share in the benefits and income. Community support and participation is essential for this project to be a credible and genuine community project.


Lancashire County Council

The county council were the sponsors of the original feasibility study done by Binney’s in 1991 and remain a huge influence on the success of the venture. WTE is working to strength relations with LCC.

Environment Agencies

Meetings have taken place with the Environment Agency, Natural England and RSPB to help our understanding of the environmental issues and the main areas of concern so that these can be carefully considered and addressed in the design and feasibility as the project develops. WTE recognises the importance of mitigating any impacts on the environment.

Economic Development Committee (EDC) and Multi Area Agreement

This is a government sponsored group that comprises the EDC councils of Wyre, Blackpool and Fylde together with Lancashire County Council to promote projects with commercial stimulus that will benefit the economy of the area. Within its specific objectives there is an aim to create a Fylde area of excellence for renewable energy, under the heading of an “Energy Coast”. The Wyre barrage or an equivalent structure has been accepted and listed as a part of this strategy.

DECC (Department of Energy & Climate Change)

DECC supports Tidal Range or Tidal Stream renewable energy projects financially through the Contracts for Difference (CFD) that set a guaranteed price for the energy generated (Strike Price) so that developers know the value of the energy they plan to generate.

Fleetwood Town Council has given its support to the project. When WTE have presented to general public meetings within Fleetwood, the project has received good support together with a sound understanding of the opportunities offered to the regeneration of the area.

Pilling Parish Council, Stalmine with Staynall PC, Preesall PC and Hambleton PC

WTE has presented to all the Over Wyre parish councils to inform them of the details of our project. There is genuine interest from the councils and the public Over Wyre. There is general support for WTE’s main objectives but natural concerns about the environmental impacts of the structure and the social impacts of a permanent connection and access across the river. These concerns will need to be carefully addressed as the project evolves.

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