Environmental degradation is defined as the disintegration of our planet or our environment through continuous consumption of its natural resources such as soil, water and air. It also involves the destruction of the environment itself and eradication of our wildlife. It’s characterized also as the aggravation or change to nature’s turf in a negative way.

Why we should be Alarmed?

Ecological degradation or effect is being created by consolidation of expanding population, the continuous expansion of monetary development or the per capita fortune as well as application of asset polluting and exhausting technology.

It takes place when the natural resources of our planet is slowly depleting and the environment is being compromised in form of pollution from soil, water and air, the rapid growth of our population and extinction of various species.

As a matter of fact, environmental degradation is among the biggest threats that world leaders are trying to solve. The UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction has defined environmental degradation as lessening of limit of earth in meeting environmental and social needs and destinations.

How Environmental Degradation Occurs?

There are many ways in which environmental degradation could take place. At the stage when environments are wrecked or perhaps when typical assets are used up, the environment is deemed to be harmed and corrupted.