Tidal Barrage


Tidal Barrage or the Tidal Power Plant is otherwise known as a type of marine renewable energy generation system.

It is using dams, long walls, sluice gates or tidal locks in capturing and storing the potential energy of ocean.

How Tidal Barrage Works?

Tidal Barrage is the kind of tidal power generation scheme that does involve construction of low walled dam called as tidal barrage. Hence, it is where it got its name. It spans across the tidal inlet’s entrance or to the estuary which creates single enclosed tidal reservoir that is comparable to hydroelectric impoundment reservoir.

Bottom of the barrage dam can be found on seafloor with top of tidal barrage being above the highest point of the water can get during high tide. The barrage has several underwater tunnels that cut into its width. This enables the seawater to flow through it in a controlled way by utilizing sluice gates on its exit and entrance points.

Energy Generation

Fixed within tunnels are big tidal turbine generators too that is spinning as the seawater is rushing past them either to empty or to fill the reservoir and therefore, creating electricity. The water in which the water is flowing in and out of the underwater tunnels are carrying huge amount of kinetic energy and the purpose of tidal barrage is extracting as much of the energy as it can.