The Project


Anyone can start to make a change to the environment by launching a green community project. There are broad things that could be tackled with such as lobbying local legislators in adding green space or clearing hiking trails in parks. On the other hand, there are things that you have to secure prior to launching your project and these would be the following.

Identifying the Needs

It is important that you do research in order to have a better idea of the overall scope that your project will entail.

Search for Like-Minded Individuals

You have to share your vision and you’ve got to share it with those who understand and see your vision as how you see it in your eyes.

You might just be surprised how much help you could get. Try talking to local service organizations, youth groups or community-based clubs as a start. If you can get your county or municipal government’s involvement, that would be a lot better.

Plan in Advance

You’ve got to organize your project in order to map out your strategies, goals as well as contingencies along the way.

Raise Funds

Search for local, state as well as federal grants and gather donations to purchase the stuff you would need for your project.