Tidal Barrage How a Barrage Works


Tidal Barrage Flood Generation is using the energy of incoming rising tide as it is moving towards the land. Tidal basin is then emptied via sluice gates or the lock gates that are located along the section of barrage as well as at low tide that the basin is empty.

How Tidal Barrage Works?

When the tide turns and begins to come in, the sluice gates are being closed and the barrage will hold back the rising sea level. This is creating difference in height between water levels on any side of the dam.

The sluice gates all the way to the entrance of the dam tunnels may either be closed as the seawater continues to rise.

This is done to let enough head of water to accumulate between the basin level and the sea level before it is opened and generate more kinetic energy. The energy is produced as the water begins to rush through and turn the turbines on its every pass.

How it Generates Electricity?

Sometimes, it remains open to fill up the basin slowly and to maintain the same water level within the basin, out of the sea.

Therefore, the tidal reservoir is filled up through turbine tunnels that spins the turbine and produces tidal electricity on floor tide.