Commercial Viability


Whether you like it or not, earth is plagued by plenty of environmental issues that exhausts our natural resources. This as a result puts a huge strain on many people’s livelihood. If this will go unnoticed, majority of these problems would eventually directly and indirectly affect businesses. In most cases, they’re doing so right now.

In fact, some of the main environmental concerns that affect businesses nowadays include waste disposal, pollution, water supply issues, water quality and climate change.

Business Impact

Let’s be real that pollution is among the biggest environmental concerns that the world is facing these days. The business impact brought by pollution is huge with some pointing to how it affected people’s health. Areas that are heavily polluted for instance have a hard time retaining workers and hiring new ones.

Another issue is proper waste disposal. With improper disposal it leads to a number of problems too such as strong smell, air pollution and problems in water supplies too.

Climate Change

Climate change is a worldwide problem with some serious impact not just on our environment but also, on economical, social and political level. Factors similar to coastal flooding brings a big problem among businesses that lead to losses among organizations and operational disruption.