Being Mindful Of Our Gaming Habits To Reduce Our CO2 Emission


A list of AFK Arena tier aims to answer the endless question of which heroes you have to include in your team. This is a crucial question to ask and answer when playing gacha RPG such as AFK Arena since there are minimal resources particularly for players who want to play the game for free. Of course, you can’t afford to waste your few precious resources on heroes you don’t intend to make use of in the long run. Check this tier list for more details.

AFK Arena Tier Of Heroes

AFK Arena is a highly competitive action game featuring an extensive list of heroes. Players can personalize their team of heroes, build and level them up with unique AFK Awards. These heroes or characters can be categorized into various tiers:

  • Tier S Heroes: This comprises the most powerful heroes having incredible utility and stats. They are the top picks so as to be successful in the game.
  • Tier A Heroes: This consist of some very strong heroes who may overtake characters in Tier S in certain situations, but also lack some aspects of the game.
  • Tier B Heroes: This makes up very valuable characters, even though they can only do extremely well in just some game modes.
  • Tier C Heroes: These are average heroes or characters and are usually the least worthwhile picks.
  • Tier D Heroes: The lowest tier consisting of poor characters who aren’t much of great use particularly when you begin to make progress in the game.

Being Mindful Of Our Gaming Habits

Games like AFK Arena are very much entertaining and fun making people want to play more. The more games we play on our computers or phones, the more we use up energy and emit CO2. However, this doesn’t mean giving up playing video games altogether, but being more conscious of our gaming habits and choices.

Environmentalism is a hot topic and where reducing CO2 emissions is becoming a priority across industries. While the gaming industry have started to take action on this issue, we as everyday citizens need to our part as well to lessen CO2 emissions. As gamers, here are a few:

  • Manage your time for gaming by setting a time limit for yourself
  • Choose eco-friendly gaming consoles
  • Make use of energy-efficient monitor
  • Switch off gaming consoles after you play instead of putting it on stand-by or sleep mode