Environmental Journalism: Make Your Web Content Known, Use A Rank Tracker


Making society aware and better understand of the goings-on in the environment is the initial step to take so as to take action in beating climate change. When it comes to raising awareness and spreading information among people in the society, environmental journalists have an important role to play.

While environmental journalists have their own writing style, environmental journalism could be described as journalism on current affairs related to the environment, particularly how human activities impact it, with the purpose of raising awareness. Apart from information and awareness on climate change, other topics environmental journalists write about includes sustainability, biodiversity, natural disasters, environmental policies, initiatives and events, and renewable energies.

Running An Environmental Website: Use A Rank Tracker To Make Your Content Known

If you are an environmental journalist and are running a website, it is important to make certain your contents are visible and searchable on the Web so as to effectively spread information and awareness regarding the environment. Using a rank tracker is the best way to find out how your website and web pages are performing on search engines, especially on the Google.

Today, almost everyone relies on Google and other search engines for just about any information, whether searching information about a certain environmental issue, a general knowledge, employment, services, products or looking for a vacation destination. So, if you have a website with information, services or products to share, you want to ensure your content ranks highly and emerges on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs).

A rank tracker is a software used to carry out rank tracking. It is the process of checking and monitoring the ranking positions of a website or web page on search engines based on specific keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases that people enter on the search box of search engines like Google to get specific results on their searches.

What Can Rank Tracking Do For Your Web Content?

Rank tracking is crucial for several reasons, and these reasons are important to anyone who would want their content to be searchable and easily found when people do searches on search engines.

Rank tracking makes it possible for you to analyze and evaluate if your keyword strategy is effective. If you made changes in your keyword strategy and observe a significant rise in the ranking of your site or page, you can take this as a strong sign that the strategy you have implemented is working and effective.

Using a rank tracker, this also allows you to keep tabs on the performance of your competitors. This way, you will know if their rankings are better than yours. If they are, you can take action and make any changes needed to improve your rankings.

If you notice a significant drop in your website’s or page’s ranking, the process of rank tracking will help you identify which of your content aren’t getting traffic and what issues may have caused this drop. For example, bad SEO attack may have hit you, you may have implemented SEO strategies considered as “black-hat”, or perhaps the search engine has penalized you for something.

A rank tracker can help you in identifying which of your web pages are not performing well so you can make improvements to your contents well as make alterations your target keywords.

These are only a few of the many benefits of carrying out rank tracking. With the best and most reliable rank tracker, you will surely benefit more. Besides making sure your website and web pages rank highly on search engines, you can also better your chances and have more opportunities to promote and disseminate your message.

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