Impact Of Headboards To Surroundings And Behavior


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The negative influence of people

Changes in our own behavior are not always sudden, but come gradually. Your environment is made up of several factors. When you think of surroundings, you can literally think of the space you are in. However, your environment consists of many more facets. Also think of the people around you, the atmosphere of your environment, colors, smells, light, and dark.

The ideal environment

By nature, people prefer to be in a safe environment; a place where they feel safe. As a result, we feel best in an environment we already know, surrounded by people we know. ‘East, west, home is best’ is a proverb that immediately indicates that ‘home’ is, or at least should be, a pleasant place for us. We usually feel comfortable at home because it is a familiar environment where you largely determine the atmosphere and circumstances.

Behavior in a social context

Unfortunately, you cannot always influence your environment. Think of places where many people gather, such as concerts, markets, protest demonstrations, etc. The fact that we can also adapt to an environment that is not our own makes us social people. Because of this we can also get to know new people and learn to deal with all kinds of circumstances.

People cling to you

Our environment and our behavior. There are many ways in which our environment influences our behavior. For example, there is a greater chance that in a cluttered space you are more likely to make clutter and be more indifferent in it than you are normally used to. A clean, tidy space will count towards being more orderly and neat. Again a clear influence of the environment on our behavior.

The people around us

We do not only consider the environment as a physical space, but also the people who fill this space. At home, this is your partner and possibly your family. At work, it’s your colleagues and sometimes the customers you work with. The people around us jointly determine to a large extent what the environment looks like, how it feels, and, above all, what the atmosphere is like. People influence each other. Be it consciously or unconsciously.

Stress about social contacts

The different types influences of environmental factors on our behavior

Influence on your mood

The environment you are in can influence your mood. For example, your mood changes when you are in a very depressing or very happy environment. Colors, light and dark and even scents can also play a role in this.

Influence on your actions and behaviors

A messy environment encourages indifference and displays messy/sloppy behavior. A busy environment encourages busy behavior where a calm, serene environment will do the opposite.

Influence on interaction

In a cozy and warm environment, we are more likely to engage in social interactions with others. You look for these kinds of interactions more quickly if the environment lends itself to it. The atmosphere is an important factor here. The atmosphere is positively influenced by the decor, furniture, but also by the people around you.

Influence on stress

The environment can induce stress or reduce stress. Think of stress from your work environment, but certain situations in your environment can also contribute to stress or reduce it at home. The influence on feelings of stress can be caused by a high workload, but also by a certain incident in your immediate environment.

Stress due to our environment

When there is exceptional pressure at work, this is immediately noticeable in your working environment. Colleagues sometimes react curtly, the fun fades into the background and everyone is focused ‘to get the job done. As humans, we immediately adapt our behavior to the circumstances in our environment. You suddenly focus even more on the tasks than you normally do. You can feel it when the people around you get stressed. Social interaction is suddenly less of a priority.

Stress and our behavior

On another page on this website, we already explain how stress arises. But what does stress actually do to our behavior? Stress triggers many processes in our body. It has already been shown that stress can have a significant influence on your weight, sleep rhythm, and love life. Human behavior also changes in times of stress.

Behavior in a work environmentThe impact of our surroundings on our behavior

As an employer, you can practically try to spread the schedules and workloads as well as possible. In practice, this is unfortunately not always possible. However, you can ensure that you limit the moments of stress in your company as much as possible. You can prevent the consequences of stress and burnout by doing stress prevention. You can learn to deal with stress better and to identify it in time.