TikTok Users Encouraged To Save And Protect The Environment


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TikTok And The Environment

Although TikTok is used to create various unique and inspired videos about various things such as music, travel, food, and DIYs, it too is now used to educate people about helping and bettering environment as the platform has a global audience making it an excellent place to spread environmental awareness. To help in the cause, the platform has launched several campaigns to help in the cause of helping the environment and bettering the future for all. Here are some:


The challenge #SaveOurOceans was launched when the platform collaborated with Conservation International. The non-profit organization aims to protect our oceans, the marine ecosystem as well as the lives and the livelihoods of people that depend on them. The campaign encourages users to demonstrate their support in the conservation of oceans by means of short videos. This is also to raise awareness to save and portect them for everyone’s future. This challenge has reached 1.4 billion views.


This challenge got 242.1 million views where TikTok aimed to spread and raise awareness about the dangers of pollution because of plastic. In this campaign, TikTok partnered with United Way India which gave rise to the #IamLessPlastic movement. Users were encouraged to share videos doing their part in cleaning their community and making it plastic free.


In this campaign, TikTok partnered with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to raise awareness on the ever-increasing concern on climate change. Aside from creating videos regarding this problem, three stickers were introduced – snowstorms, rainstorms, and global warming – all of these demonstrating the severe climate change we are facing. An in-app quiz is also launched to test user’s knowledge on the issue. The campaign garnered 443.5 million views.