Eco-Friendly Leather for Bomber Jackets, Handbags, Furniture for the Future


With the development of the industrial economy in the world, the world’s climate is facing a serious problem, which has serious harm to the environment and the health and safety of human survival. Even if the GDP has high growth, but also “greatly reduced” because of environmental pollution and climate change.

In recent years, the green economy based on the traditional industrial economy, leathers industry should be able to achieve the development of the green economy. A new economic model which for the purpose of harmony with the economy and the environment is also a model of development which adapt to human environmental and health needs.

The finished leather to create consumer’s bomber jacket for mens & womens and luxury handbags, and more is to achieve sustainable development will toward the general direction of the green ecological to adjust and upgrade from the inside out.

In addition to the tanning industry, leather chemicals and leather machinery industry which supporting the benign development of the leather processing industry have environmental protection, low-carbon reform through scientific and technological innovation. In this exhibition, the domestic well-known chemical companies, such as Dongyang Chemical Brothers Chemical, Donghua chemical were exhibited recently developed green surfactants, chrome-free tanning technology, new leather auxiliaries and other new products and new technology, which attracted more concern.

Some leather machinery manufacturers increase the elimination of outdated equipment and accelerate the pace of research of energy-efficient new equipment to produce shoe machinery which has high energy efficiency and the use of new motor in the market.

Green, low-carbon has become a new topic of global development. Establish a green low-carbon development concept, to speed up the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, promote the transformation of economic development mode, which is a requirement of development by the era, is also the inevitable choice for enterprises to achieve sustainable development.