Using Video Games to Preserve World’s Resources


Research regarding the use of video games such as which is an RPG genre is believed to provide several benefits to students. In fact, there are several schools that are implementing game-based learning to create an engaging class.

Sustainability education has become a topic of interest too among environmentalists and game developers. Part of the study was to ascertain the educational effect of these types of games and why it is important. The study also examines the potential of a digital simulated ecosystem otherwise known as Eco. The focus is to show how playing the game may help in promoting environmental consciousness among players and the public in general.

Science, Environment and Video Games

Videogames are now among the fastest and most popular media trends with roughly 2.6 billion people playing worldwide. On top of the entertainment value it brings, video games are being used as well in education. For years, numerous researchers showed interest in using games to create public awareness about sustainability issues.

In fact, there’s a strong consensus in the world of science that the anthropogenic climate change is taking place and that it’s causing lots of negative effects in marine life, increased plant disease as well as issues in biodiversity conservation.

Importance of Environmental Awareness

Based on studies, exposing people through these issues via environmental education can help human behavior have a harmonious relationship with our environment and nature as a whole. To be able to educate the general public regarding these concerns, creative and novel methodologies are needed. And one of the ways to effectively communicate environmental issues is using video games. This is primarily because of its long history of educating, raising awareness and also, presenting modern-day research.

How Effective Game-Based Learning?

Virtual environments similar to educational games are backed by promising new research tools in different types of studies for environmental behavior and have shown to change behavior in real-world settings.

In addition to that, educational games receive heightened attention in the field of conservation and sustainability education. In this subject, researchers are focused on subjects ranging from knowledge of energy use, sustainable land management and effects of environmental changes on marine life.