Major Names In The Video Game Industry Commit To Combat Climate Change

One of the most popular forms of entertainment that many people across the globe engage in, regardless of their age, is playing video games. With the vast number of exciting, engaging, and immersive video games now available in the market, it’s no wonder increasingly more people are drawn into it.

Valorant – A New Exciting FPS

Valorant, for instance, is the first tactical First-Person Shooter (FPS) free-to-play multiplayer game that Riot Games, the creators of the famous League of Legends (LOL), has made. The game has already broken plenty of records on Twitch because of its novelty as well as the exceptional marketing strategy that Riot has used, which is making use of streamers.

As an esport, Valorant has an immense potential since it has a foundation in the FPS title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) which is one of the most popular FPS games. Furthermore, it came out at the time when a lot of esport gamers are searching for some exciting change. Check out for some valorant elo boosting.

Esports is a kind of competition where players play and compete on certain video games at a professional level. Frequently, esports competitions are played as a team and the most popular video games played on esports tournaments are multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games like LOL and DOTA, as well as first-person shooters games like CSGO and Call of Duty.

The Video Game Industry And The Environment

Video gaming online continues to grow and sees no stopping, with a statistic revealing 2.5 billion global gamers as well as an incredible 63% increase in the sale of video games worldwide. Although this is amazing news for the industry of gaming and the esport community, what does this mean for our environment?

A study by SaveOnEnergy, an energy switching site, emphasizes an inseparable connection between global warming and video gaming, where particular video games as well as their time have a negative effect on the environment and the world. For instance, a massive 34 terawatt-hours of energy is estimated to be consumed by US gamers alone every year. This is equivalent to 5 million vehicles driven on the road.

Since most of the energy generated is produced by the burning of fossil fuels which are non-renewable that naturally emits damaging CO2, we can see how videos games may carry on to heavily contribute to global warming.

Thankfully, in September 2019, 21 of the major brands in the industry of video games have officially made a commitment to make use of their powerful platforms to take action and measures towards combating climate change. When combined, these pledges will result in the decrease of CO2 emissions of 30 million tonne by the year 2030, millions of planted trees, going green in terms of game design as well as changes and improvements the management of energy, packaging, and recycling of devices.

Preparing For TACHS Exam – Interact With Nature And Better Your Mental And Cognitive Functions

If a Catholic high school is something that you want for your child, then there is a very big possibility for your child to take an entrance exam. The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS) exam is utilized by Catholics schools in the Diocese of Queens and Brooklyn, and the Archdiocese of New York.

What Is the TACHS Exam For?

The TACHS exam is an admission test into a Catholic High School within and around the city of New York. The exam allows schools to make a comparison of the academic capabilities of students and also includes how students perform when they are under pressure. TACHS exam scores are used to ascertain whether or not a student gain admittance into the school their choice, for academic placement, and may also be used to determine if a student may be awarded a scholarship. This is why preparing for a TACHS exam is important.

Preparing For TACHS Exam

When you need TACHS help and preparation, you can check out They offer interactive TACHS lessons, practice tests that can help determine the strength and weaknesses of students as well as track their progress and be given feedback so as to help increase scores, and full-length TACHS practice test to allow students to have a feel of how the actual TACHS test is which can boost their test-taking confidence.

When it comes to test preparation in general, hitting the books is crucial and essential to make certain you know the answers to questions that will come out during the exam. However, make sure you don’t overdo it so you wont feel burnt out. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to give your brain a break and but still continue to improve it. One of this is to spend time in nature. Here are a few benefits:

Better Memory Function

Studies discovered that walking through nature like a wooded area considerably enhanced memory as well as cognitive functions compared to taking a long walk along the road. In fact, spending at least an hour interacting with nature improves memory functions by an incredible 20%.

Improved Creativity and Problem-solving Skills

Being in nature, even for a brief period of time, can significantly affect the way we think. In a study, readings on mobile EEGs discovered that when people walk in nature, they recorder lower frustration levels and greater meditation levels. A brain with greater meditative levels is associated with creativity. As the brain is more creative, it also encourages it to think outside the box to solve problems.

Lessened Feelings of Anxiety

Preparing for an exam can raise anxiety levels with all the information you need to process. If you begin to feel this, make it a habit to spend some time outdoors and interact with nature. This can considerably lessen stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as improve your mood.

Bettering Our Health – Our Selfcare Choices And The Environment

According to Mayo Clinic, one of the common reasons as to why people visit the doctor is because of back pain. Frequently, back pain is caused by improper posture when we stand, walk, or sit, and this could be aggravated by lifting heavy weights or being overweight. To ease the pain and relieve the tension that we feel on our backs, selfcare is imperative. Hence, we find new, effective and inexpensive ways to stretch our backs and alleviate the ache. This is where the Chirp Wheel enters.

The chirp wheel, called the Plexus Wheel in the past, is a medical device that is FDA-registered. It is a roller wheel that is designed to ease tension and pain on the back. It is simple and easy to use. Just place the wheel on the ground and lie on it making sure your feet are fixed on the ground. The wheel should go between the blades of your shoulders. Slowly and carefully roll up and down the wheel as you maintain your balance so it stays in the center of your back. Check out chirp wheel review to see if it is worth buying especially when you frequently feel back pains and aches.

Being And Staying Healthy Is Selfcare

Easing any body pain, ache or tension that we feel in our body is part of selfcare. Our health as a whole is the most crucial aspect of our lives, and frequently our selfcare needs to involve and revolve around being healthy. However, this is something general as some of us may live fairly free of pain and relatively mobile, whereas others live with diseases, chronic injuries or pain that can be debilitating. Health is then relative to the kind of body we have.

Our Selfcare Choices Has An Impact On The Environment

Nonetheless, we make our own choices when it comes to selfcare and these choices can create either a positive or negative impact on our environment. For instance, food plays a huge and essential role in selfcare. In order for our bodies to function the way it should, energy as well as other resources that our body needs are extracted from the food we eat. Therefore, it is important to choose the right kinds of food, such as vegetables and fruits. But to make certain your choice benefits that environment as well, purchase them from local farmers in your community who practice organic and sustainable farming. This way, you not only care for yourself, but for the environment too.

When it comes to selfcare, each one of us have our own rituals, practices as well as selfcare products and devices. While we cannot always be completely eco-friendly in our selfcare routines for a better overall health, we can be mindful and intentional of our choices. This would mean being more aware of our selfcare habits and routines rather than doing them without giving it any thought.

Hiring A Professional Environment-Friendly Cleaning Company

A lot of people with hectic and busy schedules hire a professional cleaning company to clean their homes as they don’t have the time to this. But if they do, they may only get a few things done. It’s not a bad thing to leave the deep cleaning and heavy work to experts. If it is, then why offer their services in the first place?

Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

Outsourcing your home cleaning chores to a professional cleaning company, شركة تنظيف بجدة or cleaning company in Jeddah or wherever you may be living now, has its many advantages and you’ll even get the most of these benefits when you hire an eco-friendly cleaning company. You aren’t only doing you and your family good but the planet as well.

When it comes to green cleaning, this not only entails making use of organic and eco-friendly cleaning products but also applying green practices in their cleaning methods. With these, you lessen your carbon footprint as well as maintain your health as well as your family’s.

Opting For An Eco-friendly Cleaning Company

Here are a few more significant reasons to consider hiring a green and eco-friendly company to clean your home.

Get Better Air Quality Indoors

Store-bought cleaning products actually cause more pollution indoors compared to the pollution outdoors. These products are categorized as Volatile Organic Compounds which evaporates in the indoors compromising the air quality. Furthermore, these products have a strong chemical smell that can irritate your senses.

If a member of your family suffers from certain types of health conditions, choosing to use green cleaning products and cleaning services can greatly help lessen their symptoms. While they don’t essentially cure them, it creates a much heathier indoor environment nonetheless.

Have Safer Surfaces

In terms of stains and dirt, the fibers and padding of your carpet take most of the damage. So as to clean any carpeted surfaces intensively, the toughest cleaning solutions are what most people make use of. While they do remove stains and dirt, they leave behind on the surfaces toxic chemical residues which can be harmful to your and your family. With a green and eco-friendly cleaning company, organic products solutions are used which does the same job but minus the chemical residues.

Healthier Option For Your House and the Planet

Your house and the planet will thank you for choosing a reputable green cleaning company. Because no harmful chemicals are used in their cleaning solutions, your furniture, rugs and carpets, and your house in general will look good and last longer. Because of this, you don’t have to buy new ones every now and then which is also good for the Earth.

TikTok Users Encouraged To Save And Protect The Environment

TikTok is perhaps the most addictive social media platform. It is overflowing with brief creative videos from different people across the globe and has become a perfect platform for many to go viral. The possibilities and opportunities on TikTok are limitless. This is probably why many buy TikTok likes and fans.

Boost Engagement – Buy TikTok Likes And Followers

While organic likes and followers are great, the process of growing them can be quite slow and difficult to get moving. Buying TikTok likes or followers will give you that boost you need to achieve your goals, whether it’s to grow your brand, go viral, or be an influencer. This can also help you increase the engagement in your content which is vital in order to be discovered on the platform. If you want this, visit to find out more about buying TikTok likes and/or followers.

TikTok And The Environment

Although TikTok is used to create various unique and inspired videos about various things such as music, travel, food, and DIYs, it too is now used to educate people about helping and bettering environment as the platform has a global audience making it an excellent place to spread environmental awareness. To help in the cause, the platform has launched several campaigns to help in the cause of helping the environment and bettering the future for all. Here are some:


The challenge #SaveOurOceans was launched when the platform collaborated with Conservation International. The non-profit organization aims to protect our oceans, the marine ecosystem as well as the lives and the livelihoods of people that depend on them. The campaign encourages users to demonstrate their support in the conservation of oceans by means of short videos. This is also to raise awareness to save and portect them for everyone’s future. This challenge has reached 1.4 billion views.


This challenge got 242.1 million views where TikTok aimed to spread and raise awareness about the dangers of pollution because of plastic. In this campaign, TikTok partnered with United Way India which gave rise to the #IamLessPlastic movement. Users were encouraged to share videos doing their part in cleaning their community and making it plastic free.


In this campaign, TikTok partnered with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to raise awareness on the ever-increasing concern on climate change. Aside from creating videos regarding this problem, three stickers were introduced – snowstorms, rainstorms, and global warming – all of these demonstrating the severe climate change we are facing. An in-app quiz is also launched to test user’s knowledge on the issue. The campaign garnered 443.5 million views.

Use Keepvid For Video Downloads But Be Mindful Of Your Internet Use To Lessen Internet Pollution

The internet is truly amazing. For example, a lot of people are able to watch videos on YouTube for various reasons. Many check out the platform to watch and listen to music videos, others to watch video tutorials, some to check out reviews on different products, whereas others are there to learn and gain knowledge from other people. Regardless, these videos can indeed be entertaining or educational. This is why there are programs and software allowing you to download the videos you like to watch them on a later time or re-watch them.

Keepvid For Your Video Download Needs

Keepvid, for instance, is one of the leading video downloaders online. You not only can download videos from YouTube, but from a huge number of websites and platforms including facebook, Instagram, twitter, tiktok, vimeo, soundcloud, presicope, and so much more. Apart from being able to download, Keepvid can also help you get a video from one platform and transfer it to another platform. Additionally, videos can also be converted into mp3 format which you can use as a ringtone for your phone. Check out Keepvid to find out what else you can do.

Being Mindful Of Our Internet Use

While the internet allows us to do so many things, it is important and essential that we be responsible and mindful of how we use it. Global warming has been a major concern for humanity. Although not many know it, our internet use and practices can contribute to this existing problem.

By far, believe it or not, the biggest contributor to internet pollution or internet carbon footprint is the usage of online videos, producing 60% of the global data flow as well as more than 300 million tons of CO2 every year. With that, here are a few simple things we can do to cut back on our own carbon footprint:

  • Uninstall and delete mobile apps and computer software/plugins that are useless or don’t need anymore.
  • Make us of your smartphone especially if you are only going to do quick browses or searches as bigger screens make use of more energy and power.
  • While the cloud is an excellent place to store your photos and files, get rid of those that you no longer find useful.
  • If you get newsletters and marketing emails that you don’t actually read or even open, unsubscribe from them.

Digital Coupons Like The Divi Coupon Code Are More Environment Friendly

When people shop, many don’t pay the full price of the product or service that they have purchased because of discount coupons. Indeed, making use of coupons is an excellent way for shoppers to get reductions on the product cost as well as to save money.

Digital Coupons In This Digital World

The divi coupon code, for instance, is offered by Elegant Themes, an amazing website where many get the best WordPress plugins and themes for their website. With the coupon codes they offer, you get the maximum offers on every type of Elegant Products they provide. Sure enough, you don’t only get excellent themes and/or plugins, but also save a lot of money.

Coupons are regularly given by retailers as part of their marketing strategies so as to boost sales as well as grow their customer loyalty. They come in various forms and offered by a lot of retailers with different products and/or services. Electronic coupons, e-coupons or digital coupons are what many retailers and businesses offer in today’s highly digitalized world. The divi coupon code by Elegant Themes is an example of a digital coupon.

Digital Coupons – Much More Environment Friendly

Physical coupons and digital coupons have the same purpose, they still differ in many ways. Digital coupons are not only used by retailers to boost sales and increase loyalty of customers, but are also a great way of growing social media engagement, email marketing list as well as encouraging usage of mobile website and apps.

For savvy shoppers who do their shopping online, these digital coupons are great deals as they help maximize their savings, whether it’s a discount coupon code for the product or service itself, for shipping, or for other services.

When it comes to digital coupons, one of the biggest benefit which is very much essential today is the fact that it is less harmful to the environment. A lot of retailers and businesses now offer e-coupons as they are much easier and less expensive to produce and distribute as well as much friendlier to the environment compared to physical coupons. Obviously, there is no need to make use of paper to print and distribute these coupons which significantly cuts down the natural resources needed to create and distribute them compared to physical coupons.

Retailers who aren’t yet offering e-coupons need to begin adopting this as digital coupons are expected to considerably grow to $91 billion by the year 2022. Not only will it benefit their business and their customers, but the environment as well.

Positive Mental Benefits Of Games And How It Could Teach Us To Be More Aware Of Our Environment

Games are any type of activity that is done purely for pleasure and entertainment as well as without conscious reason or purpose. Games are fun and everyone plays them. For instance, solitaire is one the most popular card games in the globe, whether it’s, freecell solitaire, or other versions of the card game. It is a game that can really keep you busy and entertained especially at times where you feel extreme boredom or would simply want to pass the time.

Positive Mental Benefits Of Games

Aside from the fun-factor, not many know it but games like also provides a few positive psychological benefits every time you play. For example, solitaire is a single-player game, hence this allows you to have some time alone wherein your brain can really relax as you don’t need to process the views of others (which can bring about mental stress) to complete the game. Another is that a game of solitaire can calm your mind as it places you in a light state of meditation. This is great for people who frequently suffer from anxiety. Your decision-making skills are also improved when playing solitaire as well as allow you to develop problem solving skills as you try out different strategies to successfully complete the game.

Games Are Power Teaching-Learning Tools

While games are for amusement and pleasure, they are also used as powerful and effective teaching tools to impart certain knowledge and skills as well as spread awareness. Today, video games are used to educate children and even adults about environmental issues such as climate change and global warming. Apart from this, games that are designed to spread awareness about our environment also teaches us how our decisions and actions impacts the environment which can help change our behaviors towards our environment in the real world.

For example, video games that are cleverly designed can bring players back in history and teach them to be more appreciative of nature as well as the evolution of life itself. On the other hand, forecasting games can engage and immerse players and allow players to experience the after-effects of our decisions, actions or even our inactions on certain problems. While games can amuse or terrify us, they too can be a source of inspiration and motivation for us to come up with innovative solutions to complicated and complex environmental dilemmas.

For Your Dental Care – Candid Or Byte And Environment Friendly Oral Care Alternatives

Part of taking care of your teeth is getting your pearly whites straightened or aligned. But, this isn’t easy, fun or even cheap. Thankfully, this process can now be done at home as there are companies that offer devices and treatments that allow you to align or straighten your teeth minus the pain, the colored rubber bands and all the metals at the same time saving you a lot of money and time.

Candid or Byte, for instance, are companies that offer affordable doctor-monitored clear at-home aligners. They are less painful as they don’t require any metals on your teeth. Furthermore, with telemedicine methods, you don’t have to go for expensive, time-consuming routine check-ups. While both options are effective, convenient to use, as well as affordable, you get to stick to one. In order for you to know if Candid or Byte will best suit your needs, visit for you to make a more informed decision.

Eco-friendly Oral Health Care Alternatives

While these at-home teeth straighteners are indeed effective and helpful in achieving that straight teeth you’ve always wanted, it is vital that you practice good dental and oral care to make certain your teeth and mouth stay healthy. And if you are mindful of your choices, you can at the same time do your part in saving and preserving the environment. Yes, you don’t need to sacrifice or forego your good oral care routine so as to lessen your environmental impact.

So how can you make your oral care routine eco-friendlier without having to sacrifice the health of your gums and teeth? Here are three simple ways to get you started:

Ditch Tubed Toothpaste

Although most toothpastes today to seriously pose a threat to the environment, it is the way that they are packaged that impacts the environment. Since these tubes are mainly made of aluminum and plastic, they are difficult or even not recyclable. Hence, every year, approximately 1 billion plastic tubes of toothpaste remain in landfills. Furthermore, tubed toothpastes are sold in boxes adding to the resources used and waste produced.

You can consider dry toothpaste powder where you simply add water to it. They are typically sold in recyclable aluminum tins or glass jars. As dry powder toothpastes are very concentrated as well as water-free, less packaging is needed. You can also consider making your own toothpaste using baking soda and coconut oil as your main ingredients.

Make Your Own Mouth Wash

As we know, mouthwash bought in stores are packaged in plastic bottles. While they can be recycled, it is the need to acquire more natural resources to produce more bottles that impacts the environment, including the process of creating, packaging and shipping these products across the world. With the power of the internet, there are video tutorials and articles that you can find to teach yourself how to make home-made oral care products that work perfectly and are at the same time eco-friendly.

Use Water Flosser or Organic Dental Floss

Usually, traditional dental floss is made if nylon and packed in plastic container. After you floss, you discard these small strands every time. Although they may be small, they all add up once they end up in landfills along with its plastic container which harm the environment. Today, there are numerous all-natural dental floss made of silk and coated with plant wax or beeswax and come in eco-friendly packaging. If you don’t like using dental floss, you can make utilize a water flosser. Water flossers can get rid of plaque just as much as a traditional flossing, even more.

Buy Backlinks And Improve Your SEO Strategies To Help Lessen CO2 Production

In today’s digital age, the significance of link building has become greater, and for you to succeed and flourish in the online world, it is crucial that you understand the importance of high-quality links. The main purpose of link building is to improve the ranking of your website or webpage in search engines. In fact, one of the main factors that Google takes into account to determine the rank of your page or site is link popularity.

Buy Backlinks as SEO Strategy

Backlinks have an important role to play when it comes to Search Engine Optimization or SEO. When a website links or connects to another website, a backlink is created which are also known as “incoming links” or “inbound links.” They correspond to a “vote of confidence.” Essentially, this means that backlinks to your site are indicators to search engines that other websites are vouching for your content. So, if numerous websites link to a similar site or page, search engine can deem the content as worth linking to making it worth surfacing on search engine result pages or SERPs. Hence, backlinks do have a beneficial effect on your sites search visibility and SERP ranking.

One link building strategy is to buy backlinks. While many assume that buying backlinks is useless and just a waste of resources, buying backlinks has its set of advantages especially when these backlinks make use of high-quality content. So, what are these advantages? Here are three:

  • SAVE TIME. This is the major advantage of purchasing backlinks since you outsource the task to a reliable third party allowing you more time for other personal link building initiatives.
  • EASIER OUTREACH. It can take a while for you to get an answer when you reach out to other websites to request for a link and can be expensive to utilize a paid tool so as to aid in managing it. To buy backlinks of high-quality can make the process much easier.
  • FASTER RESULTS. Buying backlinks can give you faster results to better your SERP rankings since publishing a post or adding a link is much quicker.

Improve SEO Strategies, Lessen CO2 Production

While improving your SEO strategy is good for your website ranking, it is actually beneficial to the environment as well. If your website or webpage ranks highly in SERPs, this would mean that your website or webpage is faster and easier to find, which means that it cuts down the amount web searches and websites that people click on and load in a single go. Hence, this also decreases the amount of energy utilized every time they land on a different or new website or webpage.

Are you aware that search engines like Google can produce 7 grams of CO2? This is approximately half of the CO2 produced by a kettle boiling. Although this amount may seem small, do bear in mind that almost everyone in the world is connected to the internet and make use of it on a daily basis. If you add up all these, you’d be surprised by the amount of CO2 the world produces by simply searching the web.

While you cannot lessen the carbon footprint of search engines, you can carry on to improve your SEO strategies, your web design as well as your content to provide users what they need. This way, they don’t have to search further and load new webpages or websites repeatedly.

B&W Landscape Photography – Some Tips And Why You Need The Best Black And White Photo Printer

For varied reasons, monochrome landscape photography is well-liked and popular in the field of photography and fine arts. For black and white landscape photographers, getting the correct effect has to be accurate in order for it to work out well. Many of these would boil down to how it would give emphasis to diverse aesthetic elements such as tone, texture, lighting, contrast, as well as form.

Technical Considerations – Best Black And White Photo Printer

In order for it to come out perfectly in print, apart from actually taking excellent B&W landscape photos, it is imperative to consider the technical conditions as well. This makes choosing the best black and white photo printer an essential matter since B&W photo printing necessitates more careful thought compared to your usual color printing.

If you aren’t careful of your choice when it comes to the best black and white photo printer, this may result in faint bleeding of color inks as well as an insufficient range of grey and black tones which can cause undesirable color casts and tones in your photo print ruining your perfect shot.

Black and White Landscape Photography Tips

Many landscape photographers prefer black and white or monochrome photography because black and white is actually beautiful. Moreover, taking photos of various landscapes in black and white or monochrome is expressive, dramatic, semi-abstract as well as timeless.

Any B&W landscape photographer would agree that there is no substitute to practice to develop and improve your eye and skill for black and white photography. But it can do you good to try out some tips and tricks to help you become good and even great at taking black and white landscape photography. So, here are a few:

  • One of the most vital components to consider when it comes to B&W landscape photography is light. Make sure that there is a diversity of light or brightness in your photos to create highlights and contrasts. Again, practice is key.
  • It is important that your foreground sticks out or is more prominent in brightness from the rest of the surrounding. This too will make a fine composition as it sets the vista and helps direct your audience eye throughout the picture. Your background is important too. Make certain that it has a solid structure which won’t disappear by small contrasts of colors.
  • Rather than looking at landscapes as series of colors, look at it as tones. In terms of B&W photography, color is the one thing that you don’t actually have. Because of this, not all landscapes will look beautiful in monochrome. However, with practice and creativity, it will become much easier for you to see these tones and take excellent photographs.

Check out the video below for more B&W landscape photography tips.

The Earth Environment

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Adaptations in Plants